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API Updates and Important Changes

April 25, 2019ByEddie O'Neil

As part of our ongoing commitments to privacy and security, we are making updates to our platform. These updates include removing access to a number of APIs, updating our platform policies, and regularly evaluating an app's access to user permissions.

A list of APIs that will be removed from the platform can be found here. Please review this list to determine if your app is impacted. Existing apps using these APIs will no longer have access as of July 30, 2019. No new apps will have access to these APIs as of April 30, 2019.

Additionally, our Facebook Platform Policies are being updated to include provisions that apps with minimal utility, such as personality quizzes, may not be permitted on the platform. The update also clarifies that apps may not ask for data that doesn't enrich the in-app, user experience.

Also as of today, previously approved user permissions that your app has not used or accessed in the past 90 days may be considered expired. Access to expired permissions will be revoked. Going forward, we will periodically review, audit, and remove permissions that your app has not used. Developers can submit for App Review to re-gain access to expired permissions.

In the coming months, we will be releasing a more significant update to our policies. In response to developer feedback, we will be moving toward a more streamlined and straightforward experience for developers and eliminating the need for certain supplemental terms. We're committed to supporting our developers and providing resources for building on our platform.