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A New Home for Facebook Gaming

March 14, 2019ByVijaye Raji

Each month more than 700 million* people play games, watch gaming videos, or engage in gaming groups on Facebook. You might scroll through News Feed and discover a new Instant Game to play with your friends, you might follow a streamer's Page and start watching their content, or you might get a notification alerting members in your Pokémon Go group about a rare Lickitung spotted in a nearby park.

We want to make it easier for people to find and connect around their favorite games, streamers, groups, and more. So today we're starting to roll out a dedicated Facebook Gaming tab in the main navigation bar that will be a central home for people to discover, play, watch, and share gaming content personalized for them. The Facebook Gaming tab is part of Facebook's recent design update to provide personalized shortcuts for people to easily access the communities and content they interact with most.

The centerpiece of the Facebook Gaming tab is a feed where you can quickly and easily find content that matters most to you. In one place, you can:

  • Play games: Play your favorite Instant Games and find new ones to enjoy with friends. The Facebook Gaming tab will become the primary home for Instant Games on Facebook, and we're building new ways for people to invite friends, chat, and play together inside the tab.
  • Watch gaming videos: Find and follow videos from top streamers, esports organizations and game publishers. Over time, we'll recommend and help you discover new streamers based on the games and content you follow.
  • Connect with gaming groups: Follow updates from your gaming groups, connect with other group members, and find new groups to join. Gaming groups are some of the largest and most engaged communities on Facebook, and the Facebook Gaming tab brings this content together in one place.

New features in the Facebook Gaming tab expands on the gaming video destination we announced last year. As we learn from the community, we'll test new experiences in the tab, add more types of gaming content, and improve our content recommendations over time.

We'll start rolling out the Facebook Gaming tab to a small subset of the more than 700 million people who enjoy gaming on Facebook each month. Over time, we'll expand access to more gaming enthusiasts. People who don't see the tab in their main navigation bar can find it by going to the Bookmarks menu.

We're also continuing to beta test a standalone Facebook Gaming app on Android, which includes more features than you'll find in the Facebook Gaming tab. We’re getting feedback from the gaming community as we consider further rollout plans.

The Facebook Gaming tab allows anyone to participate in the gaming communities that matter most to them. All of our work on the Facebook Gaming team adds up to helping build the world's gaming community — a place for everyone to enjoy and experience games together.

*Based on unique monthly active users either playing a game on Facebook (Instant Games, web games); watching a gaming video for at least one minute; or participating in a gaming group (posts, reactions, and comments). - Dec. 2018.