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New Rate Limit Console Launches in App Dashboard

January 18, 2019ByMoyang He

We're launching a new console in the app dashboard that provides developers with in-depth insight into the rate limiting system and helps them diagnose and prevent rate limiting issues.

Rate limits are the maximum number of calls an app can make to the Facebook APIs within a certain time period. These rate limits protect the stability of our system and help us prevent malicious activity. While the rate limits are integral to protecting the integrity of the system, we've received feedback from developers that it can be challenging to understand the rate limit calculations and why your asset has reached a limit.

To better support our developers, we're introducing a new console in the app dashboard that gives developers additional insight into their data usage and helps them understand if their apps are approaching the rate limit.

Developers can also dive into the rate limiting information for each asset type. For example, if you have multiple Pages, you can select the Page-Level Rate Limit section and quickly assess which Page or Pages are close to the rate limit and how much time you have before it resets.

Developers can review the top assets approaching the rate limit, top endpoints being called by an app or apps, and historical usage in the last seven days.

The rate limits are also broken down by endpoints, so that developers can review usage patterns and optimize their apps to avoid hitting rate limits in the future. The Marketing API headers also include additional rate limit information so that developers can implement programmatic responses and avoid reaching the limit.

In the coming months, we will also announce improvements to rate limit calculations, which will help developers to accommodate common business cases. Learn more about the rate limiting system: For more information, see [Rate Limiting, Best Practices](