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Introducing Graph API v3.2, Marketing API v3.2 and Updates to Facebook Login, Messenger App

October 23, 2018ByEthan Raymond

On October 23, 2018, we're releasing the newest version of Graph API (v3.2), which will include updates to Instagram Graph API, Page Insights, Pages and Video Polls, and Marketing API (v3.2), which will include a new feature that allows advertisers to see if there is something wrong with their ad.

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the Facebook platform for developers, we're also releasing updates to Facebook Login and Messenger, and consolidating some of our API releases. In the future, developers can find breaking changes to Messenger API in the same release as Graph API and Marketing API.

Graph API (v3.2)

Graph API v3.2 includes updates to Instagram Graph, Page Insights, Pages and Video Polls:

  • Instagram: The /{instagram-media-id}/comments edge now returns GET results in reverse chronological order instead of chronological order.
  • Page Insights: Period parameters have been changed to day from lifetime for the following metrics. The lifetime period parameter will return an empty dataset.
    • page_fans
    • page_fans_city
    • page_fans_country
    • page_fans_gender_age
    • page_fans_locale
  • Pages: You can now use the reactions edge to post reactions to Page comments. The Page userpermissions edge is deprecated.
  • Video Polls: New endpoints have been added that allow you to create and manage Video Polls on Live Videos and Video On Demand (VOD).
These changes apply to v3.2+ and will apply to all versions on January 21, 2019. For all the information on these updates, refer to the Graph API v3.2 changelog.

Please join this Facebook event and post questions about Graph API.

Marketing API (v3.2)

Marketing API v3.2 includes a new ads run status WITH_ISSUES and ISSUES_INFO, which provides detail with an error_code if there is something wrong with your ad and Facebook can't deliver it.

This version also includes changes and deprecations to Business Manager API and Ads Management, Dynamic Ads, Ads Insights and Measurement.

For more information on the Marketing API v3.2 release, see the Marketing API v3.2 blog or the Marketing API v3.2 changelog.

Facebook Login Update

After 90 days of inactivity in an app, Facebook expires all data permissions. With this update, developers can prompt users to renew access to their data, and users will not be required to login again.

If the developer decides to request access to someone's data, we will remind the person that they used their Facebook username and password to login into this app. The user will then be able to review the data permissions for that app and either agree to turn on all or some permissions, or completely deny the request.

New Design and Updates for Messenger App

Today we announced an update to the Messenger app, which simplifies the experience. The rollout will continue over the coming weeks, and we believe it will benefit businesses and developers, as well as the people who use the app. You can see a full update on the change here.

We're also providing additional controls to Page admins so they can limit the access for all apps connected to a specific Page.