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Manage App Roles and Get Notifications in Facebook Business Manager

August 30, 2018ByVijay Natarajan

This year at F8, we announced a new way to separate your personal Facebook profile from your apps. This was in response to feedback from the developer community, asking for a way to manage apps without using a personal Facebook account (or creating a fake account, which violates our terms).

Now you can manage app roles in Business Manager via business accounts or emails, as shown in the screenshot below, instead of a personal Facebook account. Using Business Manager for these roles and permissions ensures app-related notifications appear in Business Manager and are emailed to a business email address, rather than appearing in a business admin's personal Facebook account.

What's the benefit to developers?

Business accounts make it easier to manage accounts and notifications in Business Manager when people join or leave your company, need to give access to an admin account to a partner, or want to separate personal and business-related notifications on Facebook. Developers also avoid having their work disrupted when fake accounts are detected and disabled by Facebook's systems.

This functionality is available today in your Business Manager account. Just look for the menu item “Apps” under “Accounts” in your dashboard, and click the button labeled “Add People.” If Business Manager is new to you, you can create an account by heading to the Business Manager Overview page and clicking “Create Account.”