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App Review Reopens for Instant Games and Messenger Apps with Limited Page Connections

April 17, 2018ByItai Leibowitz

We recently shared updates about changes being made to improve the integrity of platforms across Facebook. After taking some time to evaluate and update our app review process, we are now reopening app reviews for the Instant Games platform and Messenger apps with a limited number of Page connections, as follows:

  • Instant Games Platform: App (game) review will open immediately, though we expect it to take several weeks for us to review the games in our queue. Newly submitted games will be reviewed once we complete the existing queue.
  • Messenger Apps with Limited Page Connections: This week, we are reopening review for developers that support a limited number of Pages, allowing them to set up direct Messenger integrations across their own Pages. We are prioritizing app reviews for existing apps that are already in our queue, and will then move as quickly as we can to address new requests. As part of this update, we will also reenable existing apps using Page conversation APIs to connect to a limited number of Pages.

Please note that we are still refining the app review process for Messenger Platform third-party developers and other Facebook APIs as we consider additional measures to ensure the integrity of our platform. We expect to reopen app review for these developers in the coming weeks.