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Introducing the Gaming Creator Pilot Program

January 26, 2018ByLeo Olebe

We’re focused on helping creators build thriving communities on Facebook, and over the last year we’ve made a concerted effort to listen to and work with gaming creators to help shape the future of gaming video on Facebook. For gaming creators, we’ve seen Facebook Live become particularly impactful. It's changed how people come together around video, and it gives gaming creators the chance to build and connect with their community in real time.

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We’ve also seen some encouraging results from gaming creators already. With more than 1 million followers, StoneMountain64, is one of the most popular livestreamers on Facebook, bringing his community closer together around daily livestreams of PUBG, Fortnite and more. Our progress over the last year was just the beginning. Today, we’re excited to officially kick off our gaming creator pilot program, and welcome even more gaming creators to the platform.

For these creators and for the future gaming creators on Facebook, our pilot program is focused on several things:

  • Helping gaming creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than anywhere else
  • Increasing discovery and distribution across multiple surfaces, including, Instagram and Oculus
  • Supporting gaming creators with the types of tools they need to make a living streaming games on Facebook
  • Building a platform where creators at every level have the opportunity to thrive

There's a lot of work to be done, but we’re committed to building the fundamental architecture that gaming creators need to be successful, starting with foundational elements like enabling all creators in the program to livestream in 1080p/60fps. Most of all, with each new feature we add for gaming video, we’re committed to building it alongside our creators hand-in-hand.

To that end, many gaming creators monetize their videos directly from the support of their passionate fans, and we’re actively exploring ways for fans to back their favorite gaming creators via payments during select livestreams on Based on the results of our initial tests, we’ll expand our fan support monetization initiatives to more gaming creators, including participants in our initial pilot program.

If you’re a gaming creator or an aspiring gaming creator interested in growing your community in new ways, we’d love to hear from you.

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Tomorrow we’ll host an event to onboard dozens of talented gaming creators that are entering the program. This group includes a diverse mix of livestreamers that play a wide variety of games, including Misses Mae, Doom49, The Warp Zone and many more. To see our gaming creators in action for the first time, tune in tomorrow at 5:15pm PT for a special livestream on Daybreak's H1Z1 Facebook Page to see who is the last one in this fast-paced, action-packed battle royale shooter.

And as the games industry event calendar gets into full swing, we plan to make Facebook gaming creators a centerpiece of our presence, starting with PAX East in April.

Livestreaming and watching others play games is a worldwide phenomena. And when you combine the massive global community of gamers on Facebook, with the community-first format that gaming creators know how to cultivate, we together can shape a creator-first ecosystem on Facebook.