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Introducing Graph API v2.10

July 18, 2017ByVivek Hamirwasia

In the newest version of the Graph API (v2.10), we're introducing new Pages features, requiring access tokens in more places and improving the behavior of Open Graph objects.

Requiring Access Tokens

On October 16, 2017 we will require an access token to fetch Page videos, posts and comments for all Graph API versions. Access tokens help us identify the apps that call our APIs. This allows us to send targeted Dev Alerts when necessary.

URL API Changes

Website owners may update Open Graph objects but are limited in how frequently they may do so. Previously, GET /{url} would trigger a scrape if that URL had not been encountered before. With v2.10, these requests will not trigger a scrape nor an update to the Open Graph object. This means that API callers are less likely to be rate limited when they intentionally update Open Graph objects.

When making a GET request against a URL we haven't scraped before, we will also omit the og_object field. To trigger a scrape and populate the og_object, issue a POST /{url}?scrape=true. Once scraped, the og_object will remain cached and returned on all future read requests.

We will require an access token for these requests in all versions of the Graph API beginning October 16, 2017.

New Features for Webhooks

We're adding Webhooks for Page-owned Events. You can receive updates for creating and publishing an Event as well as comments on Event stories.

Modifying Commenting Endpoints

In order to maintain the quality of comments, we changed the APIs for adding and deleting comments on Facebook. Only Page access tokens will be able to POST or DELETE comments after October 16, 2017.

Marketing API

We've made some changes to the Marketing API. Read our Ad news blog for more details.

Changes to the Conversation endpoints in Graph API

As a reminder, we've made a change to the conversation node that will take effect on September 25, 2017.

Other Resources

For a full list of the Graph API v2.10 changes, please read our changelog. Don't forget to use the API Upgrade Tool to find out if your app will be impacted by any version changes. Learn more about how our API versions work and our two-year stability commitment guarantee.

We'd also like to invite you to join us at our Graph API v2.10 Q&A session on August 1, 2017 if you'd like to ask our team questions.

You can expect the next Graph API release to be announced this October. As always, we look forward to connecting with you through the Facebook Developer Community Group.