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Facebook SDK Update

January 25, 2017ByEli Zeitlin

With the latest version of the Facebook SDK, v4.19 for iOS and Android, we've made it quicker and easier for developers to set up Analytics for Apps to understand, measure and optimize their customer journey. Previously, logging app events in order to view analytics required developers to perform multiple steps.

Starting today, both new and existing Analytics for Apps developers who implement or upgrade to the Facebook SDK v4.19 will have install, app launch, time spent and purchase (iOS only) logged automatically. Developers can continue to log additional events beyond these, we've simply reduced the number that need to be added manually. Developers who do not want to automatically log app events can easily opt-out by setting the auto-logging flag to false in their iOS plist or Android manifest XML files.

We built Analytics for Apps using the same tools and techniques Facebook uses to grow. By making it easier for developers to collect app event data with the Facebook SDK, we believe businesses will be able to more easily and readily utilize our powerful, free analytics solution to view their aggregated customer demographics, conversion funnels, retention, and more.

For full details on automated event logging with v4.19 of our SDK, see our App Event docs (iOS, Android). If you're currently using previous versions of our Facebook SDK when upgrading to v4.19 or higher, we will provide a deprecation notice in the code. Additional details can be found in our upgrade guides (iOS, Android). Developers that are currently logging App Events by calling activateApp will not be affected by this change.