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Unity Gameroom Dev Beta

November 1, 2016BySheree Lee
As announced in [August](, [Unity]( and Facebook are collaborating on adding Facebook as a new build target to the Unity Editor. Today we're announcing that Facebook support for Unity is now available in the Gameroom developer beta [here](, and that Facebook support will ship as part of Unity 5.6 early next year. With [Facebook Gameroom](, Facebook is introducing an easier way for developers to bring high-quality games to the PC to take full advantage of the CPU and GPU native power. The Facebook build target lets you deploy your projects to either the new Gameroom desktop app for Windows as a native Windows player, or to []( using [Unity’s WebGL support]( When the Facebook target build is active in the Unity Editor, you can use the [Facebook SDK for Unity API]( to share content with Facebook friends, access the [Graph API](, and more. You will also be able to use the [Unity IAP]( service to handle in-app purchases on Facebook. Everything you need comes integrated with Unity out of the box — you can even upload your builds to be hosted by Facebook directly from the Unity Editor. We are excited about the new possibilities this integration will offer. To learn more about Facebook's new suite of developer tools and services, please visit the [documentation]( for Gameroom.