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Login for TV and Android

October 27, 2016ByChris Pan

Facebook Login is one of the easiest ways for people to log into an app or site, and we've made a few improvements to the experience.

Smart Facebook Login for TV

Last year, we announced our Facebook SDK for TV to make it easy for TV apps to integrate with our platform products such as Facebook Login and Analytics. We then added Sharing and expanded availability to AndroidTV and FireTV devices, and we're seeing great adoption from some of the top grossing apps in the App Store on Apple such as “Just Dance Now” and “Rayman Adventures” by Ubisoft.

Today, we're introducing a faster and easier Facebook Login experience to the big screen. Previously, people needed to enter a confirmation code on their phone or browser to log in with Facebook on their TV. Now, the SDK can communicate directly with the Facebook app over the same wireless network, letting people sign in to their TV with just a few taps.

You can integrate the new Smart Login experience by downloading the SDKs for tvOS and Android/FireTV.

Improving Facebook Login on Android

We recently expanded Facebook Login to work with Facebook Lite and Chrome Custom Tabs to provide a better experience for people on Android who may be using Facebook on their Chrome browser or Facebook Lite instead of the Facebook app. Prior to these changes, these people would need to enter their credentials to complete the login.

Facebook Lite: In the absence of the Facebook app, we can use Facebook Lite to deliver a two tap Login experience. Over the last few months, we've seen a 60% increase in login success rate for people using Facebook Lite across 4,500 apps. Hitwe, a dating app with a global user base, saw a 22% increase in login success rate for its Facebook Lite consumers.

Chrome Custom Tabs: We have also been monitoring results since we released the ability to open the Facebook Login dialog via Chrome Custom Tabs. In the few months since launch, for people on Android who are not logged into the Facebook app but have Chrome, we've seen a 62% improvement in successful logins when Chrome Custom Tabs is enabled.

To give your Android consumers the best Facebook Login experience, download our latest SDK, and follow the simple instructions for enabling Chrome Custom Tabs. There is no additional action required for our Facebook Lite solution other than upgrading your SDK.