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Graph API 2.8

October 24, 2016ByAlyssa Levitz

We have some important updates for you in Graph API v2.8, including changes that will help you bring better experiences to your customers.

Custom Open Graph

We're adding two new Common Open Graph action types for games and books: games.plays and books.rates. Starting today, these are available to developers in all API versions. We will continue exploring additional Common Open Graph action types in the future as we've consistently heard from you that creating Custom Open Graph actions and objects is time-consuming and overly complex.

Based on this same feedback, we've decided to deprecate Custom Open Graph actions and object types in Graph API v2.8. Starting 90 days from October 5, 2016, apps using Graph API v2.7 and below will no longer be able to create or edit custom action types and object types. One year from October 5, 2016, apps on any version of the API will no longer be able to publish Custom Open Graph stories. Additionally, Custom App Collections will not appear on people's Facebook profiles. Timing and action items for migration for this change are detailed in the Custom Open Graph migration guide.

We are working on other ways for people and developers to add context to things that are being shared, and for people to discover new apps they might find interesting.

Marketing API

Giving advertisers more control over Instant Article placement. This placement is now separated from Audience Network, making it possible for advertisers to enable or disable showing ads in Instant Articles. Details on how this works can be found in our Targeting Specs.

Making Facebook Offers easier to use. We've redesigned Offer Ads and native Offers to make it easier for people to claim offers on mobile and redeem those offers across devices (mobile, desktop) and in-store. Facebook will provide helpful reminders so that people don't miss out on an Offer they've claimed.

You can read more about the Marketing API updates in the Ad news blog.

Other Resources

For a full list of the Graph API v2.8 changes, please read our changelog and don't forget to take advantage of our API Upgrade Tool to find out if your app will be impacted by any versioning changes. You can learn more about how our API versions work and our two-year stability commitment guarantee.

We'd also like to invite you to join us at our Graph API v2.8 Q&A session on October 24, 2016 if you'd like to ask our team questions.

You can expect the next Graph API release to be announced at F8 on April 18 + 19, 2017, and as always, we look forward to connecting with you via the Facebook Developer Community group.