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Account Kit Grows Globally

August 25, 2016ByCalvin Mak

At F8 in April we introduced Account Kit, a solution that helps you quickly authenticate people and create accounts to help grow your app's audience. Account Kit is complementary to Facebook Login, giving people the choice to sign in with their phone numbers or email addresses without the need for a password or a Facebook account.

Global Growth

In just a few short months, Account Kit has been implemented by developers across 26 countries and we're seeing promising conversion rates at up to 90%.

For example, India-based shopping app Fynd shared that Account Kit is accelerating the company's growth, especially with its focus on international expansion. Fynd Co-founder Farooq Adam told us:


Account Kit is a great solution for any app developer looking to build mobile number-based authentication. Facebook’s fast SMS delivery and seamless one-time password (OTP) ensures our customers get a flawless login experience. Account Kit’s global reach allows us to serve customers worldwide; using it has significantly increased our number of sign-ups and improved successful sign-ups by over 25%.


SMS Updates

We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for our developer community. Today, we’re simplifying our pricing for SMS confirmation messages. To make it easy for developers using Account Kit, we will not institute any SMS charges through August 2018, at which point standard SMS rates may apply for apps exceeding 100K SMS confirmation messages per month. For FbStart apps, our program for early-stage mobile startups, we will not institute any Account Kit SMS charges indefinitely. Learn how to apply for FbStart here.

We are also building features to rely less heavily on SMS as a confirmation mechanism to offer a better consumer experience and help lead to higher conversion rates. We will share more details as we have them.

Feedback Welcome

Some of you have asked questions around the amount of space the Account Kit implementation takes in your app. We wanted to share an easy way to reduce the size of the Android SDK if you do not need to localize your app into all the supported languages. By specifying only the languages you need in your build.gradle's defaultConfig, unnecessary localization strings will be removed, which can significantly reduce the size of your app. We've updated our developer documentation to share this best practice.

We'd like to hear about how Account Kit is helping your business, and how we can further improve in our developer community group. Your feedback has been very encouraging so far:

“It’s been amazing using a product like Account Kit. We saved a lot of money and achieved a 10% increase in successful registrations.” — Wood Lee, BD Manager for YeeCall

“We’ve tried different phone number sign up products and our data shows that Account Kit increased our conversion rates from 56% to 95%. Using both Facebook Login and Account Kit has enabled us to provide a safe and convenient way for Couchgram fans to register. ” — Joesph Park from Couchgram

Learn more about Account Kit or see how to start integrating it into your app.