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App Event Optimization

July 18, 2016ByJohn Zhuang Wang

We're introducing a new product to enhance your mobile app advertising called App Event Optimization, the ability to connect with people that are likely to take valuable and repeatable actions within your app. This new product helps you maximize long-term app value beyond the install. For full announcement details, click here.

As a developer, this means you can now deliver ads to people in your target audience who are not only likely to install your app, but also likely to take the specific action you value within your apps. App Event Optimization keys off of the app events required that you have enabled in your app. When creating your mobile app install ads, you can select the option to purchase installs that optimize for one of the standard app events we offer. Then we will serve your ad to people in your target audience likely to take the action you choose. You must have the Facebook SDK installed to use app events and in turn, App Event Optimization.

This solution is available in both Power Editor and via our API. You can learn more by reading our developer documentation, which provides you with the technical requirements and step-by-step instructions. Start creating new mobile app ads today and optimize beyond the install.