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Facebook Analytics for Apps Adds Push Notifications and Deeper Insights

April 12, 2016ByJosh Twist

Last F8, we introduced Facebook Analytics for Apps, a free mobile analytics solution—and now over 450,000 apps have used it to reach and grow their audiences. Based on your feedback, today we're launching new features to help you understand and engage your audience, including people insights, push notifications (beta) and more. We've also completely redesigned the product with a new user interface and significantly improved performance.

Here's an overview of the new product capabilities:

People insights is a new section that provides rich, aggregated and anonymized demographic information for the people using your app without requiring you to implement Facebook Login. With over 1.5 billion people on Facebook, you'll be able to see powerful audience insights that you can't get anywhere else including Page likes, education, device usage, purchase preferences and much more.

"The new people section is great because it provides us with more insight into what our users like, such as subscription services. Because of this, we learned that 54% of our users have purchased subscriptions, and we were able to reach this audience with messaging about our new delivery subscription service - Postmates Plus Unlimited. Additionally, we are able identify strong potential brand partnerships, because we know which brand Pages are the most popular.”
- Madison Oie, Growth Manager, Postmates

Push and In-App Notifications (Beta) help you reach your customers and automate your marketing campaigns with targeted messages. In addition to regular push notifications that deep link to a specific place in your app, in-app notifications give you the option to create and customize richer push experiences with photos and animated GIFs. We've open-sourced in-app notifications to make them fully customizable and extensible.

Sharing insights help you see the most popular stories shared from your website to Facebook, the aggregatged demographics of the people who shared them, as well as a sentiment analysis, top quotes and other insights.

Breakdowns let you pivot your data across multiple dimensions including age, gender, platform, country, language, app version and more. They're a great way to explore your data and answer questions like “How much of my revenue is coming from a particular platform-operating system combination in a particular country?

Improved event trends help you better understand the demographics and behavior of your audience over time. For example, you can filter revenue trends based on a segment of people using older Android devices to decide whether you should continue supporting older devices.

App Events Export API to debug events and analyze your analytics data offline, allowing you access up to the last 30 days' worth of your events.

It's easy to get started with our developer docs, new how-to videos in the help center and a new quickstart guide to help you integrate app events.

Sign-up for the push notifications beta by going to the Push Campaigns section of Facebook Analytics for Apps. Also see this guide to begin integrating push and in-app notifications. Finally, you can see the redesigned interface and new features right now in our demo app.