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Audience Network for Mobile Web

January 26, 2016ByMike Murphey

Today the Audience Network is expanding to include support for mobile web, bringing the value of native ad formats and people-based marketing to a new set of publishers. We're also enabling 2.5 million Facebook advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices.

Since its October 2014 launch, the Audience Network has been delivering real value for people, publishers and advertisers; we recently shared that in Q4 2015 we reached a billion dollar annual run rate for advertising spend through the Audience Network, with the bulk of that value being passed to publishers. Our focus is on creating real outcomes for advertisers, such as sales or app installs, and providing publishers with a metric to optimize towards with our Advertiser Outcome Score. Unlike other networks, the Audience Network rewards quality publishers based on the value they create for advertisers.

Expanding to More Publishers

Digital media consumption in mobile web browsers grew 53 percent from 2013 to 20151. In fact, on average news sites receive approximately 40 percent of their traffic from mobile devices2 and 93 percent of their mobile audiences come via mobile web1.

Until today, publishers had limited options to create rich and engaging ad experiences for the people who visit their mobile websites. Over the past several months we've worked with global mobile web publishers Hearst, Elite Daily, USA Today Sports Media Group, Time Inc. and more, to test the Audience Network for mobile web in a closed beta. Publishers like are seeing positive results:

“Answers is thrilled to be an Audience Network for mobile web beta partner. As one of the web’s largest premier publishers, we’re always looking for innovative ways to monetize our high-quality content. The Audience Network for mobile web showcases Facebook’s unique approach to providing value for publishers and advertisers and is already becoming one of our top monetization partners on mobile web. With the company’s massive reach and unrivaled audience targeting capabilities, this new offering will be a game-changer for the digital publishing industry.” — Rich Dredge, CEO

Native Formats for Your Mobile Website

We're expanding into mobile web with successful native formats that make up over 80 percent of the impressions on the Audience Network today and perform up to 7x better than standard banners formats. Publishers can now leverage our fully customizable native units, and innovative formats like carousel ads that showcase multiple images to create unique ad experiences that match the look and feel of their mobile website. We're also helping publishers create easy-to-implement native versions of standard formats, such as 300x250 medium rectangle, to improve the ads experience of every ad served from Audience Network.

Integrate Easily and Join the Beta

With no SDK integration required, getting started with the Audience Network for mobile web is quick and easy. Once a publisher is approved, they simply add a JavaScript tag to their HTML page source code and then they can start creating placements right away; publishers can even go live the same day they are approved.

Learn more about how to join our beta and start creating better, more relevant mobile ad experiences with the Audience Network.