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Release of Facebook SDK for Unity

September 22, 2015ByChris Lewis

Today, we're launching the latest update to the Facebook SDK for Unity, version 7.1.0. Available for download here, this SDK update makes it easier and faster for developers to integrate their Unity games with Facebook.

Facebook SDK for Unity v7.1.0

We've spent the past year talking to our developer community and collecting feedback on how the the SDK can better fit developers’ needs. We have rebuilt our Unity SDK to help achieve that goal. This update includes:

  • Full support for Unity 5
  • Support for the new WebGL build target
  • Our latest native mobile SDKs which are packed with new tools and features

For full details on changes and new features, see the Upgrade Guide and Change Log.

Making Source Code Available for the Facebook SDK for Unity

In addition to new features, we're excited to share the source code for the Facebook SDK for Unity. We have completed a major code cleanup and simplified the SDK. By providing the source code to the SDK we aim to make it easier to integrate and extend.

We are listening to your feedback and will continue to maintain and improve the SDK. We are looking forward to developing its future with the community's participation.

You can view the code by visiting the GitHub repo at Checkout the code and begin contributing to the SDK today.