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Release of SDK for iOS

September 10, 2015ByChris Pan

iOS apps built using the Facebook SDK will be impacted by iOS 9 and the experience that people have in your app will be affected. Specifically, apps that use Facebook Login, App Events , Analytics for Apps, Sharing across Facebook and Messenger, App Invites, App Links, or Native Like must take the actions described in this post to maintain functionality.

To help you prepare for this, we previously released a new Facebook SDK for iOS in beta. With Apple's release of their GM version of iOS 9, we're releasing the final version, v4.6 and v3.24 of this SDK.

The new SDKs includes the following:

You will need to do the following to preserve app functionality and help ensure the best possible experience for people who use your iOS 9 app:

1/ Download the new SDK for iOS: v4.6 or v3.24

2/ The iOS 9 rollout introduces a new feature called App Transport Security (ATS) which will require you to whitelist Facebook domains in your app's plist. If you don't do this, you will see security errors in the log when your app tries to call the Facebook API or show Login, Share, and other user experiences. Please follow the instructions in the upgrade guide.

3/ Update your app's plist to handle the changes to canOpenURL described here, so that your app can open dialogs in the Facebook app (for Login, share, invite friends, or native Likes).

We've updated our guide to include information about Upgrading to iOS 9. For detailed about the changes in this SDK, refer to our changelog.