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SDK for iOS 9

August 17, 2015ByChris Pan

Last Monday, we posted about how Apple's release of the new iOS 9 beta may impact your iOS app and its Facebook integration. To help you prepare for iOS 9, today we're releasing Facebook SDK for iOS v4.6 and v3.24 in beta. This SDK includes the following updates:

  • Compatibility with Xcode 7 and iOS 9 beta 5. (This also applies to Audience Network.)
  • Support for App Thinning by including bitcode. (This also applies to Audience Network.)
  • Automatic defaults to the optimum experience for iOS 9. This means that the SDK dialogs for Facebook Login, Sharing across Facebook and Messenger, App Invites, App Events, or Native Like will automatically determine the best experience for people based on their device — for example, defaulting the person's experience through SafariViewController instead of Safari for Facebook Login.

In addition to using the SDK v4.6 or v3.24 beta , you will still need to make the following changes we previously posted about on 8/10 and outlined in this guide:

If you are using the Facebook SDK for Unity, use the v7.0.3-ios9-preview for testing with iOS 9.

We recommend that you update to this new SDK in order to best prepare your app for the upcoming iOS 9 release and wait until Apple releases the GM version of iOS 9 to submit your app to the app store. Once Apple releases the GM version of iOS 9, we will also release a final version of the Facebook SDK.

Please refer to this guide and changelog for more information.