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iOS 9 support updates

August 10, 2015ByChris Pan

With Apple's release of the new iOS 9 beta, certain changes — including App Transport Security, App Thinning, and updates to the mechanics of app switching — may impact your iOS app and its Facebook SDK integration. Specifically, apps that use Facebook Login, sharing across Facebook and Messenger, App Invites, App Links, App Events or Native Like may be impacted.

We've compiled a guide to help you update your apps and to help ensure that people continue to have great experiences with your apps on iOS9. Updates you'll need to make in preparation for the new iOS release include:

  • Whitelist Facebook servers for network requests by updating your app's plist.
  • Whitelist Facebook apps in your app's plist if you use any of the Facebook dialogs (such as Login, Share, or App Invites). This will allow your app to perform an app switch to Facebook.
  • Disable bitcode within your app to make the login flow smoother for people logging into your app.

To make these updates even easier for developers, we will be releasing a new version of the Facebook SDK to support iOS9 in the upcoming weeks. We're also hard at work building a variety of additional solutions to help developers transition smoothly to iOS 9 and to enhance the experiences people have in apps.

To learn more about how you can make the necessary changes in your app, visit our support page.