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What to Expect on April 30 - Upgrading to Graph API and the New Login

April 28, 2015BySimon Cross

At F8 in 2014, we introduced Graph API v2.0, the new Facebook Login, and a lightweight Login Review process. The goal of these changes was to give people more control over the information they share with apps. We asked all developers to upgrade their apps and go through Login Review by April 30, 2015. On that date, we'll begin upgrading all apps to Graph API v2.0 and removing access to any permissions that have not been approved via Login Review.

During the past year, many developers have already migrated their apps, and we're excited about the results:

  • Our Login Review team has reviewed more than 40,000 apps.
  • On average, apps using the new Facebook Login are requesting 50 percent fewer permissions than apps using the previous version of Login. When apps request only the permissions they need, people feel more comfortable logging into those apps.
  • The combined effects of Graph API v2 , the new Login, and Login Review mean the overall average conversion rate of the new Login dialog is 11 percentage points higher than the previous version.
  • People approve commonly requested permissions such as email, user_friends and user_birthday more than 97% of the time.

Beginning April 30, we'll start upgrading all apps to the New Login and Graph API v2. To see if your app has been automatically upgraded, you can go to your app's Dashboard to see the oldest version of the API that your app can access.

You can also check the facebook-api-version HTTP header in all Graph API responses.

If your app hasn't been migrated yet, you can opt in to the migration at any time by updating your app's code to call Graph API v2.0, or by enabling the “Use Graph API v2.0 by default” and the "Enforce Login Review" switches in your app's settings tab, under “Migrations.” We strongly recommend upgrading by these methods, rather than waiting for the automatic upgrade, as this gives you more control over when people start seeing changes in your app.

As a reminder, when an app is upgraded, the following things will happen:

  • People will see the new Facebook Login Dialog, with the ability to decline permissions — so new users may not grant all the permissions you request.
  • New people logging into the app will be known by an app-scoped ID.
  • Only permissions which have been approved via Login Review will be shown in the Login Dialog.
  • Only permissions which have been approved via Login Review will be used when making API calls on behalf of existing users.
  • Certain permissions (e.g. friends_photos) will no longer be available.

As more apps across the ecosystem upgrade to the new API and Login next week, we'd like to thank you and the entire developer community for working with us to create a better app ecosystem for people. We can't wait to see you build more awesome apps and mobile busineses with Facebook.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ and comprehensive guide to the API v1.0 deprecation.