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Grow Your Ads Business With LiveRail

March 25, 2015ByMark Edwards

Our monetization solutions give you tools to reach real people across all of their devices - meaning better results for you and more relevant ads for people. We started with the Audience Network, which provides Facebook ads for your app.

Today, we're announcing that we're going further. At Facebook, we are in the business of growing your business, and publishers have told us they want better ways to manage their advertising operations, optimize their advertising to generate the most revenue, and provide people with ads that don't detract from the overall experiences with their apps.

To meet these needs, LiveRail—our technology platform for powering publishers' video businesses— will now support display ads in mobile apps. LiveRail will also be able to tap into Facebook's anonymized people-based demographic information to help publishers more accurately target and serve their impressions.

Control, Efficiency, and Higher Yield for Mobile Publishers

Starting soon, we'll be enabling better control, efficiency, and higher yield across video and mobile display formats. This will allow publishers to manage and optimize yield across all of their advertising opportunities, including ads directly sold to advertisers and ads from programmatic sources like demand side platforms (DSPs), ad networks, and agency trading desks. Advanced controls will allow publishers to prioritize buyers, block certain ad categories, run real-time reports, and get suggestions for optimal inventory pricing.

LiveRail will power native ad formats as well as standard display placements like interstitials and banners. The Audience Network, with its high performing native ad format and access to 2 million Facebook advertisers, is tightly integrated into this platform.

People-Based Marketing

We're also increasing the relevance of the ads people see on publishers' properties by powering LiveRail with Facebook's anonymized people-based marketing capabilities. This means the right ad can be delivered to the right person at the right time, and publishers can segment and sell their inventory more effectively, more accurately target their audiences, reduce the waste created by inaccurate delivery, and deliver better ROI for their advertisers. Facebook anonymized demographic information will be available in all formats supported by LiveRail, including desktop and mobile video and our new extension into in-app mobile display.

Apply Now

We will be kicking off a closed test of these new mobile capabilities with a select group of partners in the coming weeks. If you are interested in being a part of the test, visit our mobile monetization page to learn more.