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Announcing New Benefits from Stripe and

November 20, 2014ByMichael B. Huang

Since launching FbStart at f8 in April, thousands of developers have used FbStart to continue growing and scaling their apps into successful businesses. Today, we are announcing new benefits provided by Stripe and a new website where members can manage their benefits and learn more about the program.

This year, we've added new partners and their free benefits to the program, increased the value of those benefits, and launched an international tour to meet with startups in cities like New York, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Dublin, London, Sao Paulo, and San Francisco. By providing free benefits along with our partner companies, and meeting with thousands of startups in person, FbStart is helping developers build, grow and monetize their businesses.

Today we are announcing that FbStart members (both Bootstrap and Accelerate) will now have access to up to $50,000 in payment processing from Stripe, which joins the 17 other partner companies providing FbStart benefits.

We are also launching a new website where startups can learn more about FbStart, and where members can access a portal to review their benefits, receive news about the program, and interact with Facebook and other members. The site is live today at

We will reach out to existing FbStart members soon to explain how to log into the site and redeem their Stripe benefits.