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Ads API Access

October 22, 2014ByAditya Kulkarni

Facebook advertising solutions, including those built by developers on the Ads API, aim to solve the many problems that marketers face. For this reason, in addition to existing Facebook ads interfaces like Power Editor and Ads Manager, we also provide developers with programmatic access to the Ads API, which allows them to further augment and tailor Facebook campaigns to their clients' requirements.

Today, we are announcing a new approach to how new developers access the Ads API that will empower them to build even more innovative advertising tools. With this streamlined onboarding process, Facebook will help new developers get started on the API and guide them through the development lifecycle with these three access levels:

  • In Development, try out the Ads API and test your apps on the Facebook platform
  • In Basic, further test, iterate, build an application with up to 25 external accounts
  • In Standard, use unlimited accounts to truly scale your business, and even be nominated to become a Facebook Marketing Partner

The development and basic access levels are being added prior to the existing standard access level to the Ads API, thus enabling new developers to innovate faster in these emerging areas, while allowing existing partners to grow their businesses in their particular domains.

New developers that want to explore the FB Ads API and try building new tools can now get started on the Ads API with development access by going here and, when ready, apply for access to basic and standard levels as needed.

Development Access

This access level is designed for development purposes and is ideal for developers who are just starting to build out their tool. This level is open to all developers, and is intended to build out end-to-end workflows on the API before you get full permissions. Developers with this access would not yet have customers using their advertising tool.

Limitations of Development Access:

  • API calls are limited to your own ad accounts, up to a max of 5 ad accounts
  • Heavily rate limited per ad account

Basic Access

Once you have developed your application, you may apply for basic access which allows management of up to 25 ad accounts. Applications to the basic access level are managed through your app's “Status and Review” panel. Criteria for basic access includes demonstrating an integration with the Facebook Ads API, including a minimum number of successful API calls. Learn more about here.

This access level is meant for businesses to scale out their use of the Ads API to a limited set of initial customers.

Limitations of Basic Access:

  • API calls are limited to 25 ad accounts
  • Lower rate limits per ad account

Standard Access

This last tier is reserved for businesses with heavy customer demands. This tier removes the limits on number of customer accounts and per-account API rate limits. This level of access is equivalent to the access level existing Ads API apps have. Applications to the standard access are managed through the API application form, and you can apply for standard access once you have exhausted the limits available in the basic access level. The criteria for standard access is selective, including a business and app review. Only companies with strong experience with Facebook marketing are likely to be approved.

We aim to encourage developers to build differentiated solutions in emerging areas of growth and opportunity, including but not limited to SMBs, new verticals, and new geographies, to address more of the needs of today’s sophisticated and diverse marketers. With these new access levels, Ads API developers can now:

  • Build Faster: With development access, developers can test and quickly iterate on innovative apps with low risk to demonstrate potential value to stakeholders before further investment
  • Commercialize Smarter: By progressing through each stage, developers are assured that applications are technically sound and functionally valuable to increase potential for success
  • Grow Business: By vetting apps for differentiation, the ecosystem can address more advertiser needs, thus allowing all developers to grow their businesses in their respective domains

The new access levels do not affect existing Ads API developers, who already have the highest access level. We are also not changing the qualifications to become a partner, though we are expanding the ways that partners can differentiate themselves. Allowing more diversity in our Ads API ecosystem will help drive more innovation and expand on the capabilities of the Facebook platform.