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Audience Network Launch

October 7, 2014ByTanya Chen

In April, we introduced Facebook’s Audience Network, which helps publishers and developers to monetize their mobile apps by showing Facebook ads to their users. The Audience Network provides a quick and easy way to connect these apps with the more than 1.5 million active advertisers on Facebook. Over the past few months, we’ve optimized our network to improve performance, and today we're formally launching and extending the service to more developers and publishers across the globe.

Strong Performance

We've already helped developers and publishers make millions of dollars from their apps.

Glu — the makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, one of the top grossing apps of the summer— reported that the Audience Network is helping them better monetize their app:

“We've seen CPMs that are 2X or better with Facebook’s Audience Network compared to other top ad networks. We end up being able to show our users fewer ads because with the Audience Network, we can show the right ads to the right people.”
- Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing at Glu Mobile.

Another publisher, Shazam, a leading music recognition and sharing app, reports that the Audience Network has increased the revenue they receive from ad networks by 37%.

Improving People's Experience in Apps

The Audience Network shows people the right ads by extending Facebook’s targeting to third-party apps. This means the ads match the interests of people, just as they do on Facebook. It also means people are more likely to engage with the ads.

Facebook's 1.5 million advertisers can now extend their Facebook campaigns to the Audience Network with just one click. This gives our publishers and developers access to a huge pool of demand that includes many of the best brands that advertise on Facebook. It also means people see ads from the brands they care about.

“The Audience Network has delivered phenomenal performance for us. The targeting means the ads are more relevant to our users, and the diversity and quality of advertisers is top notch."
- Rhiannon White, Director, Product Management at Shazam

The Audience Network offers multiple ad formats - native, banner, and interstitial - so developers and publishers can show ads that work best for their app. Native ads allow publishers to customize their ads, so the ads can fit seamlessly within their app's flow. Publishers like Le Monde, Deezer, and IGN have already designed native ads that perform well, and match the look and feel of their app.

Join the publishers and developers already seeing great results with the Audience Network. You can apply to be part of the Audience Network here and learn more about our partners' tips and results. We look forward to working with you!