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Platform Updates

August 7, 2014ByOwen Coutts

Today, we're updating you on app ads, highlighting an update to the Parse SDK, announcing a new release to the Graph API and showcasing a new case study.

New App Ads format and ad helper tool

As we previously announced, we've made the mobile app ad unit look consistent with Facebook’s other ad offerings by adding social context and like, comment, and share buttons to the ad (desktop app ads have always included social context). In addition, now both the mobile app ad and desktop app ad units will be connected to a Facebook Page, similar to the rest of Facebook's ad units.

We have begun migrating both mobile and desktop ads that are in the old format to this new single format that is also connected to your app's Facebook Page. Please review our FAQ for additional information.

For tips on developing Facebook Pages, here are some best practices that have worked well from one of our top partners, Supercell. We recommend you review these best practices to develop your Facebook Pages for your app.

We also just made available a new tool, called the app ads helper, to help you answer common questions around your app and app ads. We plan to expand the number of questions the app ads helper can answer overtime so you can better advertise your app on Facebook.

The New Parse PHP SDK

With the PHP SDK, developers can now access Parse from PHP rather than going through the REST API. Documentation has been updated with a new PHP Guide and Quickstart. This is our first SDK for a server-side language, and the first to be truly open-source.

Release of Graph API v2.1 and updated iOS and Android SDKs

Today, we announced the release of Graph API v2.1 as well as updated iOS and Android SDKs designed to work with this new version.

New Facebook Games Case Study - Throne Rush

During the first week of August, we published a new showcase: Throne Rush, from Nexters:. Throne rush is a strategy game created by Nexters in Moscow, Russia. By using Facebook tools such as Facebook login, requests with action/object specified, friend invites, as well as Facebook Desktop App Ads and Mobile App Ads, Throne Rush grew rapidly to reach 9 million MAU across all platforms and 3.5 million DAU on mobile. The game also gained 4.5 million MAU in the first month since going cross-platform and Nexters noticed that player retention is 3x to 4x higher with cross-platform players.