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Improvements to the New App Insights

June 19, 2014ByAydin Ghajar

At f8, we introduced a major update to App Insights that includes a brand new interface and more actionable data for your app. Today, we are making further improvements to give you more precise reporting.

Better reporting for Requests

Requests give people an easy way to invite their Facebook friends to your game or re-engage with friends that are already playing. We’ve improved the accuracy of request impressions and clicks (previously labeled as “accepts”) to give you more precise data to optimize your Request dialog click through rate. We are also adding a new report called “Action / Object Performance" that includes support of Open Graph types, including the ask, send, and turn based action types that are available to game developers.

More actionable data on stories from apps

Previously, our click metrics for app stories on News Feed included likes, comments, clicks to a person's Facebook profile, and other interactions. With today's update, only interactions that drive people to your app are reported in App Insights. As the tooltip below describes, these interactions include clicks to open your app, to download it from an app store, or to your app's website.

Because App Insights will now only report traffic driven to your app, not likes and comments, you may see a decline in app story clicks in your Insights dashboard. This new click metric provides a more accurate representation of the traffic that your stories are driving to your app.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Facebook Developers group.