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f8: Helping Developers Build, Grow, and Monetize

April 30, 2014ByIlya Sukhar

Today we're hosting f8, our developer conference, to connect with the community and share where we're headed.

First, we're proud to announce a new, two-year stability guarantee for our core products and API versioning to simplify development. Our platform now supports almost half a trillion API requests per day, many coming from our own mobile apps. This means that all the work we do to support mobile apps with almost a billion people is available to every app on our platform.

Many of our developer products have an impact on people's experiences with Facebook, so we're making changes that put people first. We announced the new Facebook Login, which gives people more control over the data they share with apps by letting them opt out of individual permissions. We're also offering Anonymous Login, a new way for people to try apps without sharing any personal information from Facebook. Our goal is to give people quality experiences and remove the barriers that keep them from enjoying your apps.

Facebook and Parse give developers a bridge between platforms. Building cross-platform has been key to Facebook's success, and we want to help other companies succeed on iOS, Android, the web, and many other platforms. Below we've summarized all the new products that we're making available to the community today. You can also visit our changelog and upgrade guide for more details.


Making it faster, easier, and cheaper to develop cross-platform apps

  • Improved stability and Graph API 2.0: We're introducing a two-year stability guarantee applies to Login, Sharing, and other core products and a new version of the Graph API to help you build, grow, and monetize your apps. To protect people's information, we will begin to issue app-scoped user IDs instead of original user IDs for people who first log in to your app using the new Graph API.
  • Facebook Login: The new Facebook Login puts control squarely in the hands of people by letting them choose what they share with apps. We've also made changes to friend permissions and are introducing Login Review to help apps provide great Login experiences.
  • Anonymous Login: An easy way for people to try apps without sharing any personal information from Facebook.
  • App Links: An open-source, cross-platform solution for mobile deep linking. Over 20 top mobile apps have partnered with us to make all kinds of great content available for linking.
  • New Parse Pricing: We've made Parse pricing cheaper, simpler, and more predictable.
  • Parse Local Datastore: Parse now makes it easier than ever to build apps that work without connectivity.
  • Parse Growth Analytics: Parse Analytics now has powerful dashboards for understanding your app's growth and user retention metrics.
  • New Facebook SDKs: To support today's announcements, we're releasing updated SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript and a new PHP SDK.


Helping you reach all the right people and keep them engaged

  • Like Button for iOS: We're bringing the Like button to apps to let people like content in your app with one tap. An Android version is coming soon.
  • Message Dialog for iOS and Android: People can now share your content in a more personal way using Facebook Messenger.
  • Send To Mobile with Facebook Login: When people visit your website and log in with Facebook, they can get a notification sent to their phone to download your mobile app. This provides a convenient way for people to access your mobile app and convert your desktop traffic to mobile.
  • Share Dialog for the web: We've redesigned the Share Dialog for the web and added support for Open Graph along with location and friend tagging.
  • Mobile App Ads enhancements: We're making it easier to reach the people you want by supporting Android's advertising IDs for Custom Audiences. We're also letting you create audiences for a segment of people taking actions in your app and making it simpler to exclude people who already have an app installed. We have also added calls to action to Mobile App Install Ads to better drive the actions you want people to take.
  • App Insights: We've updated App Insights to make it more actionable and reliable. The new App Insights makes it easy for you to slice & dice your data and compare your metrics with the rest of the ecosystem. As part of the this update, you an now segment your App Events users by OS, device type, language and country. Learn more in our App Events documentation for iOS and Android.
  • App Center: We have redesigned App Center to help people find more games they'll love. The new version is faster and showcases screenshots and videos, so make sure your App Center assets are up-to-date and you've uploaded a video.
  • Requests: We're adding better support for turn-based games so people know when it's their turn to play. We're also upgrading Requests to order friends by those who are the most likely to respond and play games.


Earn more from your apps

  • Audience Network: We're giving developers a new way to effectively monetize mobile apps. Audience Network offers developers rich audience targeting and ad formats that have proven to work on mobile.

We're also announcing FbStart, a program designed to help entrepreneurs turn their mobile apps into successful businesses. We're offering startups a package of useful resources, including Parse, mobile app ad credits, invitations to special events, and tools and services from other companies.

Thank you for building with us, and we hope to see you at f8 next year. Save the date: March 25, 2015.