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Platform Updates: Improved Photo Sharing on iOS and Driving More Engaged Players to Games

March 6, 2014ByChris Pan

This week, we updated the iOS Share Dialog to make it easy for people to share local photos directly from your app. Additionally, people clicking on game stories in News Feed and canvas will now be sent to the App Details page so they can learn more about the game before installing.

Easily share photos with the iOS Share Dialog

We've made it much easier for you to let people share local photos from your app with the Share Dialog. Now, you can include support for local photos with a few lines of code instead of having to set up a custom Open Graph story. People can share one or multiple photos directly from their device's photo gallery with this new feature.

Download the new Facebook iOS SDK today and read our documentation about sharing photos with the iOS Share Dialog.

Sending more engaged players to games

We're giving people more information about your game before they install it. Now people who click on game stories in News Feed and game recommendations on canvas or on the sidebar in the right hand column will be taken to the App Details page instead of straight to the game. Since players are making a more informed decision, they install games they're more likely to keep playing. As a result, we have seen increased first week retention among players who install and start playing games in this way. Games don't need to do anything to benefit from this change.