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Introducing App Insights 2.0 Beta

January 23, 2014ByDaniel Tomko

Today, we’re introducing a major update to the App Insights product to help you understand how people interact with your app. App Insights 2.0 is more actionable, more reliable, and has better support for mobile apps. We've also made several improvements to the way we organize and report metrics.

1. Simple, clean interface

We’ve redesigned App Insights around how your apps integrate with Facebook as opposed to how users interact with Facebook. This should help you better understand the value of the your integration. For example, the new Overview dashboard shows the most important metrics for common functionality like Login and Sharing, and makes it easy to click to get more details.

2. Actionable data

We’ve re-organized the data you need to make a decision in one place. For example, we now have a single dashboard which tells you how much traffic you receive from Facebook, whether it's coming from Open Graph stories or Requests.

We realize that it’s difficult to make decisions in a vacuum. Now, you can compare key metrics for your app to those for other apps. For example, if you see an abnormal spike in the mark-as-spam rate for your app’s stories, you can see if the spike is isolated to your app or if other apps also see the spike. Note: metrics are aggregated and anonymized – Insights will never show your app’s metrics to another developer.

3. More reliable

We performed a comprehensive audit of our data sources and logging to significantly improve the quality and reliability of the data, especially for metrics that come from mobile on iOS and Android. In addition, App Insights will now display warnings on dashboards when there is an outage or a known issue with the data.

Over the coming months we will be working on further improving Insights 2.0 by bringing over more features from the previous version and introducing several new features. Until then, we will continue to support the App Insights 1.0 product as the default option. To try the beta, simply go to your App Insights overview page and click “try the new App Insights.”