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Introducing App Center Videos

December 19, 2013ByNiket Biswas

Games and apps can now give Facebook users a taste of what it's like to use their app by adding videos to their App Details page in App Center. As the number two source of installs on Facebook, App Center is a great place for users to discover and start playing your game. Videos will automatically start playing without audio when people land on your App Details page on, giving them a way to instantly experience your game.

How it works

Adding video to your App Details page is simple. Developers can submit videos for review in the App Dashboard under the App Details tab, just as they do for other image assets. Please review the App Center guidelines for video submission criteria. After your video is approved, it will be added to your App Details page.

You can even customize your video for international audiences by adding other versions of it for different locales. Those videos will be shown to people who have set their preference for that locale in their profile settings.

Get started

Already, people can see videos on the App Details pages of games, including Baseball Heroes, Candy Crush Saga, ChronoBlade, KingsRoad, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, and Words of Wonder. Get started by uploading a video of your app today.