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Platform Updates: New Unity SDK Case Study and Updated iOS Developer Center

December 18, 2013ByBrian Jew

New Cross-Platform Unity SDK Case Study

With only a few hours of development work, Flying Monkey Interactive integrated Facebook's Unity SDK into their game, Strangelings, on iPad and brought the game to Facebook canvas, where over 260 million people play games monthly. By providing a cross-platform experience and using Facebook Login, requests and Open Graph, Strangelings increased user acquisition and substantially broadened its player base. Learn more about how the Facebook SDK for Unity was a game changer for this indie developer in our new case study.

Updates to iOS Developer Center and Sample Apps

We have completely re-written our iOS Developer Center and consolidated multiple articles into major topics such as Login, Sharing, and more to make it easier for you to navigate. We have also developed sample apps for these topics on Github and added a few new tutorials. Visit our new iOS Developer Center today and please feel free to leave any constructive feedback that you have in the comments.