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Easier Ways to Use Mobile App Ads for Engagement and Conversion

December 18, 2013ByJohn Ketchpaw

Mobile app ads for engagement and conversion offer you an effective way to keep users active within your apps. Today we are releasing three feature updates to make it even easier for you to create mobile app ads, reach existing users, and drive people back into your app.

First, you can now create mobile app ads for engagement and conversion from our Ads Create tool, offering a simpler way to set up engagement campaigns. This will roll-out over the next week. You still have the option to use Power Editor or a Preferred Marketing Developer depending on your advertising needs.

Additionally, we are making it easier to reach your existing app users with a more automated audience creation process. Now, if your application is measuring installs or app conversions with the Facebook SDK or a Mobile Measurement Partner, you can easily reach people who have installed your app by checking a box. While setting up ads, you simply check the "target people who have installed your mobile app" option when selecting your targeting and you will then see an estimate of the ad's audience size.

Finally, we have simplified selecting your ad destination. For an iOS app, you will need to have already excluded people who have your app installed. For an Android app, you will need to have already registered your class name on the Facebook developer site. You can then choose to launch your app from a mobile app ad for engagement without providing a deep link. When creating your ads, you can choose "launch app without a deep link" so that your mobile app ad for engagement will just open your app when clicked.

For more information on the required setup beforehand and how to use these features, please see our updated mobile app ads for engagement and conversion tutorial.

We are already seeing early success stories from developers like lifestyle app YPlan, who saw a 20% increase in paid event bookings and 215% ROI with mobile app ads for engagement. Entertainment app developer Movile realized a 60% lower cost per app purchase than other channels and its engagement campaigns on Facebook drove 16% of its premium subscription conversions for iOS users.

We will look for ways to continue improving our mobile app ads so they are easier to use, and provide even better ways for marketers and developers to reach their goals.