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Introducing the New Facebook Developers Site

December 5, 2013ByAlan McConnell

As our offering of services continues to grow, we're constantly looking for ways to improve the developer experience by listening to your feedback. Today, we're announcing a redesign of our developer site so that it's easier to find the things you need to integrate Facebook into your app or website. Some developers will see the changes immediately and the site will fully be available to everyone in a few weeks.

Our developer site is our primary means of interacting with our community, and we want it to be as useful and as clear as possible. It is the entry point for you to learn about integrating with Facebook. You can discover the features and products available to you, as well as access the tools, dashboards and resources to manage your apps.

The new design and interface will make it easier for you to:

  • Manage your apps and configure Facebook integrations
  • Navigate our improved documentation
  • Submit your app to Facebook App Center with a simplified flow
  • Find and report bugs with a faster response turnaround
  • Learn about the latest updates and news relevant to you on our homepage

When you first visit the new site, you'll be prompted to take a quick tour of the changes so you can learn more. As always, we'll keep listening to your feedback for ways to improve the Facebook developer experience.