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3 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Login Conversion Rate Above 70%

October 9, 2013BySean Leow

In August, we introduced a new Login checklist to help developers optimize their app's Facebook Login experience and conversion rate. Since then, we've been working closely with many top mobile developers to implement this checklist and achieve Facebook Login conversion rates above 70%:

Here are three of the most common ways to give your users a better Facebook Login experience:

1. Ask only for permissions that you need

Ask only for permissions that you need to increase the likelihood that people will log in to your app. In general, we've found that it's best to ask for four or fewer permissions upfront. For example, Lyft only asks people for their public profile, friend list, and e-mail address. According to Lyft Product Manager Frank Yoo, "We ask for a minimal set of permissions with Facebook to reduce friction at sign up." Lyft's Facebook Login conversion rate is consistently above 90% by following all of the best practices in our checklist.

2. If people cancel the Login dialog, do not display it again immediately

Displaying the Login dialog immediately after someone cancels it is a frustrating user experience that can result in a high bounce rate. Instead, highlight the benefits of using Facebook Login upfront. For example, Bejeweled Blitz asks users to log in with Facebook so that they can compete with their friends online.

3. Ask for permissions to publish to Facebook or use our Share Dialogs when people are ready to share in your app

Instead of asking for publish permissions immediately after read permissions, it's best to ask for the former when people are ready to share in your app. For example, Foursquare asks for permissions to publish to Facebook after a user is ready to share a check-in or status update with their friends. If your app only needs basic Facebook sharing functionality, you can also use our Share Dialog for iOS and Android. Foursquare is another app that has over 90% Facebook Login conversion by following all the items in our checklist.

In addition to mobile apps, websites and third party SDKs can also optimize their Facebook Login experience using our checklist. For example, only asks for publish permissions after people purchase a plane ticket and want to share their itinerary with their friends. We've also been working closely with Gigya and Janrain to optimize Facebook Login in their products.

You can find more best practices by visiting our updated Facebook Login checklist. You can also submit questions directly to the Login team by signing up now for our October 24 Facebook Login webinar.