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Facebook Login: Best Practices

August 22, 2013ByJeffrey Spehar

Visit our updated Facebook Login checklist

Facebook Login offers quick and easy registration for users, and social functionality for apps and websites. Last April, we announced major improvements to Login, and as of the beginning of this month, 81 of the top 100 grossing iOS apps and 62 of the top 100 grossing Android apps in the U.S. have integrated Facebook Login 1. And, people use Facebook Login with new apps more than 850 million times per month2.

As Facebook Login continues to grow, we wanted to provide improved best practices to maximize the benefits from integration. To that end, we've put together a checklist to optimize for higher conversion and a good user experience. High quality apps that adhere to our policies and follow these best practices can see Facebook Login conversion rates above 80%3. Here are two examples, along with some of the things they do to provide a good user experience.


  • Lyft asks for only the necessary permissions - public profile, email, and friends list - rather than excessive information that may seem extraneous to users.
  • Lyft uses a clearly branded button that shows the Facebook logo and uses "Facebook" in the button's text.
  • Before people use Facebook Login, Lyft reminds them that they will never post on people’s walls without their permission.


  • Before people use Facebook Login, Kickstarter also reminds them that they will never post on their wall without their permission.
  • Kickstarter lets users try their app before logging in, building trust before asking them for their information.
  • Kickstarter doesn't ask for write permissions up front, instead they ask to share in context.

For more information on using Facebook Login, see our documentation and checklist.

1 Source: Facebook internal data, August 2013.
2 Source: Facebook internal data, August 2013, on average for previous three months.
3 Source: Facebook internal data, from August 1st - August 7th, 2013.