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Platform Updates: Facebook SDK 3.7 for iOS is now available

August 14, 2013ByChris Pan

This week, we’re announcing an update to the Facebook SDK for iOS. This release includes automatic error handling that makes it easier to build a reliable app and support for the updated Facebook Login UI.

Automatic error handling (beta):

One of the keys to building a stable and reliable app is making sure it responds properly to errors. Until now, the SDK helped by providing mechanisms for identifying errors through tools like FBErrorUtility but you still had to write explicit error handling logic. We’re now making it even easier to handle certain error conditions such as passwords changes and expired tokens by automatically enabling:

  • Retrying: The SDK will automatically retry the request when possible.
  • Alerts: When an error happens, the SDK will surface an alert view with an appropriate message if available, taking into account localization.
  • Reconnecting: The SDK will prompt the user to log in again if the session has been invalidated due to a password change or an expired token.

The SDK automatically processes responses to your FBRequests and invokes your callback logic afterwards. This makes it easier to build a reliable app by letting you simplify your code and focus on your application logic instead.

Automatic error handling is now available in beta as we continue to improve and expand support for error conditions and behaviors. Learn more on getting started with automatic error handling.

Improved Login UI:

The updated Facebook Login UI not only looks better, but also our tests show it converts at a higher rate. We’ve refreshed the design in the FBLoginView control and changed the default text to read - "Log in with Facebook." Your apps gain the benefit of the resigned UI without any code changes, and you can still override the default text via localization.

We’ve updated our iOS Dev Center so you can quickly access the tools and resources you need to upgrade to this version.

Download the SDK now.