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Four Reasons to Upgrade to the New Share Dialog for iOS

July 11, 2013ByJason Clark

In May, we introduced a new Share dialog for iOS that enables you to give people a native Facebook sharing experience with just a few lines of code. Since then, many leading developers have integrated the new dialog to take advantage of its benefits. Here's why:

1. Share without having to Login with Facebook first

Digital media publishers like BuzzFeed and NowThis News use the new dialog to enable people to share without having to Login with Facebook first. Previously, both apps were using the Feed dialog, which had a multi-step sharing process (login by manually entering in username and password, validate login, ask for read/write permissions, etc). In contrast, the new dialog lets people share in a single step and has additional features such as friend tagging and privacy controls.

2. A faster and more native sharing experience

Pinterest and popular iOS game 4 Pics 1 Word upgraded to the new Share dialog to give their users a faster and more native sharing experience. According to 4 Pics 1 Word: "Facebook integration has always been a key aspect of our game. We integrated the new dialog as soon as it was released and want to support any solution that helps people share content as effortlessly as possible."

3. Built-in support for sharing Open Graph stories

Weotta helps people discover local events, restaurants, and other things to do. Using the new dialog, Weotta users can share Open Graph activities such as events they want to attend without having to login first or accept publishing permissions.

4. Integrate with a few lines of code

Goodreads upgraded to the new dialog to make it easier for people to recommend books to their Facebook friends. According to Goodreads: "The new Share dialog was remarkably easy to integrate. After half an hour, I was done! I kept thinking I was missing something, but everything was running smoothly." With the latest iOS SDK, you can integrate the dialog with just a few lines of code.

To integrate the new Share dialog for iOS, simply download our latest iOS SDK and follow our documentation. You can also use Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) such as Gigya and BNOTIONS to help you add the dialog to your app.