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Platform Updates: Parse Reaches 100,000 Apps and More

June 12, 2013BySuhas Joshi

This week, Parse reached a new milestone of 100,000 apps. We also rolled out Android device targeting and a new version of our iOS SDK. Finally, we launched hashtags to make it easier for people to engage in public conversations on Facebook.

Over 100,000 apps have been built on the Parse platform

We're excited to announce that over 100,000 apps have been built on Parse. Since joining Facebook in April, Parse has added over 20,000 apps and enhanced their offering with Parse Hosting and Express.js support. It's never been a more exciting time to join the Parse team.

New Android device targeting options available

We have added an additional mobile targeting feature that is especially useful for Facebook ads such as mobile app install ads. Now you can reach audiences on Android tablets and Android smartphones separately, similar to how you can already target iPad and iPhone separately. Android device targeting is useful if, for example, you have separate apps for Android tablets and for Android smartphones and want to direct people to different apps based on what device they are using.

In addition to Android tablet and smartphone targeting, you can also continue to leverage our existing mobile targeting features, such Wi‑Fi targeting and operating system version targeting (i.e. iPhone 5.0 and Jelly Bean 4.1). Get access to all these mobile targeting features through our Ads Create Tool, Power Editor, or our Ads API.

Stability improvements in Facebook iOS SDK 3.5.2

We released an update to the Facebook iOS SDK that includes bug fixes to improve stability and other minor enhancements. Download the latest SDK here.

Introducing hashtags on Facebook

We launched hashtags to let people add context to posts and include it in public conversations. Clicking on a hashtag shows a feed of what other People and Pages are saying about that event or topic. We'll continue to roll out features that help people discover more of the world's conversations.