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Mobile DevCon Recap & Videos

May 29, 2013BySimon Cross

In April and May we hosted over 1000 iOS, Android and Mobile Web developers in New York, London and Seoul for Mobile DevCon 2013.

Over the last year, we've been hard at work improving our Platform for mobile developers. Now, more than 81% of top 100 grossing iOS apps and 70% of top 100 grossing Android apps integrate with Facebook.

At Mobile DevCon we announced further improvements:

We also announced the Facebook Technology Partners program, open-sourced our iOS and Android build tools: Buck and xctool, and released new targeting options for Mobile App Install Ads.

Video and slides online now

For those who couldn't attend, we recorded many of the talks, and have posted the slides from every session online for you to download. To view the videos and download all the slides, visit the event pages for New York, London or Seoul. These videos - and more - are also available on the Facebook Developers YouTube Channel.

Here's a summary of a few of the sessions:

The Next Evolution of Facebook Platform for Mobile

Doug Purdy, Director of Platform Products, talks about the challenges mobile developers face getting discovered amongst the 700,000 apps in both Google Play and the Apple App Store and how, with 751 million active users on mobile, Facebook is the top driver of awareness for new mobile apps.

Watch the video

Telling Stories with Open Graph

With over 1 billion Open Graph actions shared on Facebook every day, Rose Yao explains how Open Graph can help your users tell the story of their lives through your app, and how - with collections - your app can become part of a user's Timeline.

Watch the video

Making Open Graph Easy on Mobile

Previously, Open Graph required developers to host web pages for their objects. Eddie O'Neil explains how the new Object API and the Native Share Dialog make it easy for native mobile developers to integrate Open Graph into their apps.

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Promoting your app on Facebook

With 751 million monthly mobile users, Mobile App Install Ads and Mobile Sponsored Stories are great ways to drive awareness of your app at scale. Paul Bain shows you how to get started with promoting your app on Facebook and how to optimize your targeting and purchasing strategy.

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Getting Started with the Facebook SDKs

The best Facebook integrations make it really easy for users to Login and share stories back to Facebook with Open Graph. In these three sessions, Prashant Sridharan and Connor Treacy take you through how to best implement Facebook's Mobile SDKs - including code-level tips and some best practices.

Watch the iOS sessionWatch the Mobile Web session

Building with Open Graph on mobile using the Object API

The Object API releases mobile developers from needing to have a web server to host your Open Graph objects. In this talk, Christine Abernathy shows you how to use the Object API to integrate Open Graph into your native mobile apps.

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How Facebook builds Facebook for iOS and Android

Facebook is one of the most downloaded iOS and Android apps of all time. In the last year, we transitioned both apps from HTML5 to native Objective C and Java. But this transition meant we had to retrain our engineers, develop new tools and rethink our processes. Engineers from our core mobile team, Adam Ernst and Michael Bolin in New York and Simon Stewart and Alan Cannistraro in London talk through this transition, and how we ship improvements to our apps every single month.

Watch the New York iOS sessionWatch the New York Android session

Watch the London iOS sessionWatch the London Android session

Thank you from the Facebook Developers team

We really enjoyed connecting with the developer community at the three Mobile DevCon events. We heard some great feedback about our products which are helping shape the future of our roadmap. We look forward to meeting you at one of our future developer events.