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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

April 10, 2013ByLeslie Lei

Since last Wednesday's update, we announced Facebook Home, launched new APIs for Comment Replies, and launched new Open Graph tools.

REST API no longer available for new apps

Over a year ago, we announced we were deprecating the legacy REST API to focus our efforts on the Graph API. Moving forward, any newly created apps will not be able to use the REST API. This means that calls to the REST endpoints from apps that have a created date later than April 10, 2013 will receive error code 3, unknown method.

This change does not break existing apps with dependencies on the REST API. Any apps that were created before today will continue to work with the REST API, but we highly encourage all developers to migrate to the Graph API as soon as possible.

Weekly stats

The following stats are for activity between 04/03/2013-04/10/2013:

Bugs activity

  • 245 bugs were created
  • 72 bugs were assigned
  • 231 bugs were resolved
  • 70 bugs were fixed
  • 161 bug were were duplicate, invalid, or by design

Bugs fixed

Activity on

  • 352 questions asked
  • 68 questions with a score of 1 or greater
  • 15 answered, 22% answered rate
  • 48 replied, 71% reply rate