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Create Rich User Stories with New Open Graph Tools

April 8, 2013ByCaroline McConnell

We are committed to helping developers build apps that allow users to share engaging stories about their lives. Last month, we announced an update to timeline that lets users showcase stories from their favorite apps in dedicated collections. Today we are rolling out new tools to make it easier for you to set up your app’s Open Graph stories and timeline collections.

Publish common stories without any configuration

Common action and object types such as “” and “music.listens” no longer require configuration within Open Graph tools. To start publishing common actions, simply select the SDK that you use and paste in the sample code that we provide for each action type. Read our Using Actions documentation for more details.

Create custom stories in a few easy steps

We’ve simplified our tools to help you create custom action and object types more easily. You can now preview all the stories that your app can publish to News Feed.

After you finalize your story's configuration, simply click “Get Code” in your Open Graph dashboard and paste it into your app to publish your action with the logged in user. See our Open Graph Submission documentation for more details.

Set up custom collections to showcase your app’s content on timeline

In addition to News Feed stories, users can now add your app’s content to dedicated collections on their timeline and About page. For example, a recipe app can include collections such as “Recently Cooked Recipes” or “Top Recipes.” Collections can also have different layouts, such as lists, map, and gallery below. To learn about setting up timeline collections, see our Collections documentation.

Check the review status of your app’s stories and custom collections

You will need to submit your app’s News Feed stories and timeline collections for approval to meet our quality guidelines. You can check the new Review Status section to see your progress. All developers on your app will also receive an alert when submissions are made, approved, or returned for changes.

We hope these tools make it easier than ever for you to integrate Open Graph with your app to help your users share rich stories about their lives.