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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

March 27, 2013ByEric Osgood

Since last Wednesday's update, we announced local currency payments and released some new version of mobile app install ads

New Games sections on timeline

Following the updates to timeline that we previously announced, we’re beginning to rollout a Games section on timeline and the About page. This new section will appear for people that have played one or more social games in the last 28 days or have previously liked a game. No code changes are required by developers for their games to appear.

People can edit how this section appears, and content is displayed based on a person’s privacy settings. For example, if a person plays Game of Thrones Ascent and sets the app privacy for “close friends,” only those people will be able to see that game listed in the Games section.

As a reminder, games that use the Open Graph can also setup a stand-alone app section by configuring collections and encouraging players to add it to their timeline.

April 2013 breaking changes

As announced in January, the following changes can be enabled/disabled using the "April 2013 Breaking Changes" migration until April 3rd when they will go into effect permanently for everyone:

Removing ability to POST to USER_ID/questions
As it's no longer possible for users to create questions, we will remove this functionality from the Graph API. POSTs to USER_ID/questions will fail.

Weekly stats

The following stats are for activity between 03/20/2013-03/27/2013:

Bugs activity

  • 227 bugs were created this week
  • 60 bugs were assigned this week
  • 197 bugs were resolved this week
  • 33 bugs were fixed this week
  • 164 bug were were duplicate, invalid, or by design

Bugs fixed

Activity on

  • 343 questions asked
  • 59 questions with a score of 1 or greater
  • 17 answered, 29% answered rate
  • 40 replied, 68% reply rate