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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

December 5, 2012ByLeslie Lei

Since last Wednesday's update, we looked back at Top Rated Social Games of 2012, and published an overview of Facebook at LeWeb 2012.

December 2012 Breaking Changes Live

As announced in September, the following breaking changes go into effect today:

  • Removing the Static FBML Page tab app
  • New policies for desktop web games off of
  • offline_access permission removal
  • New security restrictions for OAuth authorization codes
  • Graph API will return full Custom Open Graph objects
  • Stripping HTML from Page description field

For more information, see the Completed Changes section of the Roadmap.

March 2013 Breaking Changes (90-day notice)

The following changes will go into effect on March 6th, 2013:

No more accessing mailbox FQL tables without a user session
It will not longer be possible to access the message, thread, or mailbox_folder FQL tables without a user session.

Removing apps from /me/accounts/
We will no longer show apps under /me/accounts/ in the Graph API. You can access the list of apps a user is a developer on by hitting /me/applications/developer/.

Removing redirect to docs when hitting
We will no longer return a redirect to the Graph API docs when hitting the URL http(s):// with no path.

For more information, check out the Developer Roadmap.

Weekly stats

The following stats are for activity between Wednesday, November 28 and Wednesday, December 5

Bugs activity

  • 202 bugs were reported
  • 59 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 13 bugs were by design
  • 20 bugs were fixed
  • 124 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Bugs fixed

Activity on

  • 311 questions asked
  • 87 questions with a score of 0 or greater
  • 23 answered, 26% answered rate
  • 60 replied, 69% reply rate