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Developer Spotlight: Songza

November 1, 2012ByLincoln Hochberg

Songza is a music delivery app with an extensive collection of unique playlists. People use Songza to discover music that is designed to go well with any mood or activity, making it easy to find a soundtrack for whatever it is they may be doing throughout the day.

Songza uses Login with Facebook and Open Graph to make it easy for people to sign up and share what they are listening to with friends. Songza is available on the web, iOS and Android.


  • More referrals. By making it simple to share playlist selections in people's timelines, Facebook is driving strong interest in Songza. In a recent 30-day period, Songza received more than 1 million referrals from Facebook, making Facebook the top driver of new users.
  • Faster growth. Facebook helps Songza expose its content to more people. The number of daily active users signing in through Facebook has increased 10x over the last five months.
  • Longer usage sessions. Facebook-connected users listen to Songza an average of 20 percent longer than other users.

"We're in a very crowded space; our Open Graph integration helps us rise above that noise. By making it easy for people to sign in and share what they are doing—and listening to-back to their friends, Facebook has helped us get the exposure we need. Open Graph also makes it seamless for people to share what they are doing with their friends without disrupting the moment, which increases user satisfaction." - Elias Roman, CEO, Songza

What Songza does well

  • Making sign-up effortless. Songza's use of the Facebook Login makes signing up (and signing in) a one-click experience. Once users are logged in, playlists are immediately suggested based on the day of the week and time.
  • Giving a consistent experience on any device. Songza offers a single user identity across Android, iOS and the web, making it easy to log in throughout the day as people change activities and devices. Whether at work, at the gym, on the beach or on an airplane, people can log in to Songza and listen to the music they want from any device.
  • Creating more personal timeline stories. Because Songza playlists are so specific and have wonderfully descriptive titles (e.g. Airplane Zen, Music for a Woodland Clearing, or 90s Bachelor Pad), the stories created on people's timelines tell their friends something especially meaningful about who they are and what they are doing.
  • Offering branded playlists to increase sharing. Because people are inherently interested in the music tastes of celebrities like Justin Bieber and respected brands like Zappos, Songza helps these entities create custom playlists and share them on Facebook. Branded playlists generate strong interest on Facebook, with likes, heavy sharing, and comments.
  • Utilizing deep linking. When using Songza, people can share their music finds easily with friends, which creates an invitation for them to share the Songza experience. By adding deep linking with Facebook on iOS recently, Songza generated significant mobile referrals—a new source of user growth.