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Meet Us in October

October 4, 2012ByBear Douglas

There are lots of places you can meet the Facebook team and learn about our platform this month. We'll be at:

  • Tapped NFC: New York, October 6-7; San Francisco, October 20-21; Boston, October 27-28. NFC is available in a rapidly increasing number of phones, with uses ranging from payments and transactions to games and entertainment. We'll be at all three cities in the Tapped NFC hackathon series to help you create mobile social apps that take advantage of the possibilities of NFC.
  • Mobile Developer Summit: Bangalore, October 9-10. The Mobile Developer Summit is India's biggest multi-platform conference for mobile developers. We're excited to host two sessions, on Open Graph and our mobile SDKs.

  • Future of Web Apps: London, October 15-17. The Future of Web Apps is a conference for web and mobile developers, surrounding the technologies and platforms you should use to build the next generation of successful apps. We'll cover how you can use Facebook to best effect in your app. Use discount code Speaker10 for 10% off your ticket!

  • HTML5 Dev Conf: San Francisco, October 15-16. We're excited to take part in the HTML5 Developer Conference, the largest JavaScript and HTML5 developer conference in the world. Get 15% off your ticket by using the code 'FacebookVIP'.

  • Mobile Camp LA: Los Angeles, October 18. Join us for a hands-on talk and coding session using the Facebook iOS SDK. Learn how to build a social iOS app, and ask questions about the new SDK.

  • Sprint Developer Program Hackathon: San Jose, CA, October 23-24. We're teaming up with Sprint for their Open Solutions Conference hackathon. We'll be on hand to answer questions and help participants debug as they build social apps.

  • AndroidTO: Toronto, October 25. Learn how to grow your app with social design at Canada's largest Android conference. The talk will cover tactics and design patterns employed by successful apps, and explore how people-centered design can deliver business results.

  • Droidcon London: London, October 25-26. Get set up using Facebook's Android SDK in just an hour in this hands-on demo. Let your users log in with Facebook, publish Open Graph actions and objects, and submit your app to the App Center.

To get more info on where we've been and where we're planning to be, check out our calendar on Lanyrd. We hope to see you soon!