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Developer Spotlight: Cooliris

September 13, 2012ByRick Armbrust

Cooliris, an app for iOS, lets people browse through their various image collections, bringing photos from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, desktop, and mobile together in one simple interface. People can quickly find photos they like, make new albums and share with friends on timeline, news feed or by email.

  • High distribution. Just three weeks after launching their app, Cooliris users viewed 2 million photos on Facebook.
  • Fast adoption. Cooliris users have published nearly a half-million Facebook actions since the app went live earlier this summer.
  • Engaged users. People who log in with Facebook share and comment twice as much people who don’t. They also spend about 35% more time on Cooliris than other users.

"The Facebook platform makes it easy for us to acquire and engage users with a simple sign up process and the ability to provide a deeply social experience with your friends' photos. With Open Graph, we seamlessly enable sharing of the content our users create together on Cooliris,” said Sebastian Blum, Cooliris vice president of business development.

What Cooliris does well
  • Seamless connection to friends.. When people log in with Facebook, they can immediately see friends’ photo collections and share on timeline and news feed.
  • Quick collaboration. Facebook Login lets people quickly create conversations and invite friends to make photo albums together.
  • Easy photo picking. People can select, organize and publish photos from the Cooliris camera roll and post them to Facebook with Open Graph.
  • Fresh content. With Open Graph, Cooliris can publish to news feed, timeline and ticker-- encouraging people to respond and install the app.