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Developer Spotlight: Tripl

September 3, 2012ByChris Ackermann

Tripl is a web and mobile app that lets people explore their friends' travels visually. Using Tripl, people see where their friends are going and check out interesting places they visit on a beautiful backdrop. Friends can also react and comment on check-ins and photos.

  • Faster growth. When people explore trips in Tripl, they are able to publish Open Graph stories to news feed. Tripl found that Open Graph drives 47 percent of their user growth. Since relaunching, Tripl has increased its user base by 600%.
  • More content discovery. Tripl uses social discovery from Facebook photos and checkins to build its travel logs. Tripl discovered more than 1M user trips within seven weeks of relaunching with Facebook and Open Graph.
  • Increased engagement Tripl has found that Facebook drives 12x more sign ins than other login options.

"Open Graph has helped us close the loop on Tripl's integration with Facebook,” said Nicolas Grasset, CTO of Tripl. “Initially targeted for its core platform services—graph, activity and communications—Facebook now also allows us to grow at an accelerated pace across web, mobile web and our native iOS app."

What Tripl does well
  • Easy onboarding. Tripl starts building trip data as soon as a person authenticates. People don't need to recreate a friendship model or wait for the app to go viral to have a great experience with it.
  • Turning geo-data into art. Tripl searches check-ins and photos posted on Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram for location data and checks against their home city. When a change of at least 100 km is noted, a trip is created. By layering all the data for any given trip onto Tripl's library of backgrounds and stock art, people get a chance to experience their friends' travels in a way that feels more personal.
  • Compelling stories and aggregations. With two Open Graph actions, Tripl gives people a variety of ways to interact with and view their friends' trips. People can explore a trip or love a trip, and both of these actions create a story in news feed, giving everyone in their network an opportunity to learn about and link to the app. While both actions are generating new users, Tripl has learned that love, an action with an active sentiment, has 5 times better conversion than the explore action. Tripl has also used Open Graph to create aggregations for each action, which show people all the trips they’ve explored or loved in a photo book-style arrangement.