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Dolphin First to Pass Ring 1, Ringmark and Coremob Updates

August 16, 2012ByMatt Kelly

We're excited to announce that Dolphin is the first browser to pass Ring 1 in Ringmark! It launches this week on Google's Play Store.

This represents a big milestone for mobile, as it will allow developers to build many of the most popular apps using web technologies.

Check out the video below to see Dolphin run Ringmark.

Ringmark Updates

We've made several updates to Ringmark over the past few months, recapped below.


We've added the ability to get a JSON and CSV output from the tests. This was a popular feature request among browser vendors, OEMs, and carriers that will enable them to hook Ringmark directly into their automated testing suites.

Give it a shot by going to or

View Other Devices

Based on data, you can now view other devices' results from a drop-down menu at the bottom of Ringmark.

Revised App Types View and Deep Linking

Based on feedback, we've tweaked the way we're displaying initial test results below the Rings. Now, by default all of the tests for a particular Ring are displayed. To see a per-app-type breakdown, just tap on the link in the description of the Ring.

Test Updates

We've also updated a handful of tests so that they're compliant with specs. See the full change log at

Coremob Updates and Meetings

The Coremob W3C Community Group continues to grow as over 260 participants have joined, making it the largest Community Group in the W3C, and the second largest group overall, next to the HTML5 Working Group.

In June, we hosted the first Coremob face-to-face meeting and over 50 attendees from around the world attended. Many topics were discussed, including what the focus of the group should be, what a web app is, and testing. You can read all of the notes on the mailing list.

Mobile Web App Profile

As part of our research for Ringmark and the initial launch of Coremob, we compiled information on which features are available across all versions of iOS and Android. We also looked at what functionality is needed to create the top apps on smartphones today and determined what the mobile web is missing in order for those to be built in browsers.

You can view it in this Google doc. If you'd like to contribute to it, reply to this email thread in Coremob.

London Meeting in October

On October 2nd and 3rd, Mozilla will be hosting the next Coremob face-to-face. If you're interested in joining the meeting, join the group now and you'll be alerted when registration opens.

We hope that you find these updates helpful and as always, welcome your feedback.