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Early Results from the App Center

August 14, 2012ByMatt Wyndowe

We built the App Center to give people a central place to discover high-quality social apps. The App Center is now available to the over 955 million people that use Facebook on the web and through our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

We are excited with the initial performance of the App Center for developers and wanted to share some results:

  • Driving more installs. The App Center is now the second largest source of installs for apps and games on Facebook. Over 150M people used the App Center in the past month, and it’s driving 2.4 times more installs than the old apps and games dashboard.
  • Highly engaged users. Users that install an app from the App Center are 35% more likely than the average user to return to the app the following day and 17% more likely to return within a week.
  • New opportunities for developers. The App Center is helping make small and medium sized developers more successful with Facebook. It generates over 30% of the total installs for many high quality web apps, and some social iOS and Android apps are receiving thousands of additional mobile installs every day.

Developers can measure App Center installs using the fb_source parameter: fb_source=appcenter. We’re also working to improve our App Center reporting in App Insights.

We're encouraged by the App Center's positive reception from users and developers, but there's still more work to be done. Over the coming months, we plan to continue to improve our recommendations, make it even easier for people to find apps, and create additional sources of growth for mobile apps.

For information on how to create an app detail page, please see the App Center documentation.